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SAE Africa/Near-Middle East 2nd Regional Convention concluded

The proceedings of the SAE Africa/Near-Middle East 2nd Regional Convention were concluded in Alexandria today with proposals made to the Greek State by the 101 delegates participating concerning education, the expatriates in need, retirement, youth, the land registry, the voting rights of the Greeks abroad, the Friends of SAE and cultural interventions.

They requested that textbooks should arrive earlier to the schools of the Omogenia, the ministry of education give a priority to the transfer of expatriate educators to their host countries and that Greece should take immediate action and ensure that schoolchildren in Qatar, Palestine, Angola, Botswana, Madagascar and Jordan, among others, will have regular classrooms.

The SAE Youth Network requested and the delegates gave their approval that Departments of Greek Diaspora Studies be established in educational institutions in Greece.

Also, the Regional Assembly suggested that a special fund for expatriates in need be established in the SAE Africa/Near-Middle East Region.

The delegates discussed the land registry issue and requested a six-month extension to the application deadline. Delegates and community representatives were offered a special briefing and received information material.


As regards the voting rights for the Greeks abroad, the SAE Africa/Near-Middle East 2nd Regional Convention thanked the prime minister of Greece and the Greek government for the initiative and praised the efforts made by all political parties in Parliament aimed at finding a solution with the broadest possible consensus.

The expatriates in Africa and Near-Middle East backed their participation in Greek parliamentary elections either by voting in person at polling stations in their countries of residence or through mail vote to facilitate voters living in remote regions. They also suggested that expatriates elect a total of 12 representatives to the Greek Parliament.

The Regional Convention also approved resolutions in support of the Orthodox Patriarchates, Cyprus, and South Africa Hellenism.

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