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SAE Canada Regional Assembly convened

Improved cooperation and communication between Greek community organizations, in Canada and abroad, the successful establishment of SAE Networks (Youth, Culture and Businessmen), tackling the problems faced by Greek-speaking education and recording the prominent Hellenes and Philhellenes in Canada, who can support the activities of the Greek-Canadian community, are among the SAE Canada Region objectives.

SAE President Stefanos Tamvakis and Treasurer Costas Dimitriou attended the SAE Canada Regional Assembly meeting held under the main theme, “New ideas, new horizons” in Montreal on October 4-5 with the participation of member organizations from across Canada.

The meeting addressed Metropolitan Sotirios of Canada, representatives of the Greek Parliament and members of the Special Permanent Committee on Greeks Abroad, Adam Regouzas (New Democracy), Markos Bolaris (PASOK) and Diamanto Manolakou (KKE), Greece’s Consul General to Montreal Maria Karnoutsou, Ktimatologio SA President Christos Goulas and representatives of the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad.

“The success of SAE Canada Region is interwoven with the success and progress of the organized Omogenia in Canada,” Regional Coordinator Kostas Menegakis stressed. He also pointed out that the structure of the Greek-Canadian community organizations should be reformed to reflect the interests and expectations of young Greek-Canadians, underlining SAE’s role toward this direction.

Menegakis referred in detail to the establishment of the Youth Network, stressing that regional networks in Canada need able members to ensure efficient operation and successful undertakings. He also referred to the hospitality programmes for children and young expatriates organized by the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad and local administration in Greece, stressing their role in motivating young Greek expatriates to learn and speak Greek.

“SAE Canada Region is a recently established region which has proved during the past two years that its independent operation is for the benefit of SAE, its member organizations and Hellenism,” SAE President Stefanos Tamvakis stressed and congratulated Regional Coordinator Menegakis and Coordinating Council members for a substantive and constructive cooperation.

The SAE President referred to the initiatives undertaken by the organization in the past 20 months and underlined that the recommendations and conclusions of the Regional Assemblies will constitute the core of SAE’s Annual Report to be presented to the Greek State in early 2009. He also highlighted the excellent cooperation shared with Deputy Foreign Minister Theodoros Kassimis, the parliamentary committee on Greeks abroad, the political parties represented in the Greek Parliament and the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad.

Participation of Greek expatriates becomes broader, he stressed, adding that the seven SAE regions now have an updated register of members. He also stressed that Youth is a priority and referred to the role of the “Friends of SAE”.

The SAE Canada Region and the Coordinating Council Rules of Operation as well as the region’s financial report were unanimously approved within the framework of the Regional Assembly proceedings.

A reference was made to the role of SAE and Omogenia in the promotion of national issues. After a briefing by POMAK and PSEKA representative Dinos Sophocleous the delegates gave their unanimous approval to a resolution demanding a fair and viable solution to Cyprus.

The issue of the voting rights of the Greeks abroad was also discussed and SAE Canada Youth Coordinator Tasos Mastorakos made an interesting presentation.

Ktimatologio SA President Christos Goulas and his associates briefed participants on the national land registry in Greece and the documents that need to be filed by the Greek expatriates by December 30, 2008.

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