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SAE Europe Regional Coordinator Georgios Amarantidis and the Board members of the Greek School in Frankfurt Parents Association met at the SAE offices today, Wednesday, August 13, 2008.

During the meeting the representatives of the Greek parents briefed the Coordinator on the problems currently faced by the Greek School in Frankfurt and its students.

The Greek parents raised a number of issues faced by the association and the students underlining their strong concern following rumors that the Frankfurt-based Education Coordinator post will be abolished.

They underlined the need to have the position in question preserved considering that the Coordinator in Essen is faced with numerous duties that need immediate handling.

The SAE Europe Regional Coordinator briefed the parents on the meetings scheduled to take place within the following days with representatives of the Federation of Parents Associations in Essen and Greek expatriate organizations in the greater region.

After the meetings are completed, the SAE Europe Region will convey the conclusions derived to the competent authorities in Greece.

Amarantidis stressed that SAE has the will to keep communication and cooperation lines open with all organizations with the purpose of promoting the improvement of Greek-speaking education in Europe even more effectively.

Press Releases / SAE Europe – Coordinator and the Board members of the Greek School in Frankfurt Parents Association met

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