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Pontian Greeks hold 2nd pilgrimage to Panagia Soumela in Trabzon

Roughly 300 Pontian Greeks from former Soviet Union countries will attend the pilgrimage to the Panagia Soumela Monastery in Trabzon on August 15 held for the second time at the initiative of Russian Duma deputy and SAE former Soviet Union countries Regional Coordinator Ivan Savvidi.

“With this pilgrimage we pay tribute to the struggles of Pontian Hellenism roughly a century after the persecution and flight of our ancestors in the northeast of the Black Sea,” Savvidi stated, organizer and financial sponsor of the pilgrimage of the Greeks to Pontos.

“We the Pontians from the former Soviet Union countries worship Panagia Soumela, the Holy Mother of the Pontians, who kept our people united through all the tragic moments that marked our history,” he added.

In the mission-pilgrimage will participate the presidents of the Federations of Greek Associations in the former USSR and the Federations of Pontian Associations in Greece, businessmen, young Pontians, a group of folk dancers and Greek officials.

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SAE Former USSR Countries