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The World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE) not-for-profit company “DESMOS” pilot programme for young expatriates, funded by the General Secretariat for Youth, GSY, with the sum of 25,000 euros, aims at promoting the Greek cultural heritage and linguistic identity through the use of new technologies.

Young expatriates will learn Greek with the help of computer software created specifically for this purpose. The first three months of the programme will attend roughly 50 young Greek expatriates, who study in Greece or have recently moved to the country and do not speak the language adequately thus finding it hard to adjust to the Greek society.

The programme is based on the concept of self-education considering that computer training and the teaching of the Greek language will not require the actual presence of a teacher-trainer. The members of the programme committees will answer to electronically posed questions while a computer specialist will offer assistance when needed.

The programme will materialize at the SAE offices in Thessaloniki and will continue to be into effect indefinitely after the end of the year.

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