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Youth pre-convention meeting in Chicago

The World Council of Hellenes Abroad SAE U.S.A. Region held its Youth pre-convention meeting Saturday June 28,2008 at the SAE U.S.A Headquarters in Chicago.

The pre-convention meeting intentions were to unite young adults/professionals, brainstorm and exchange ideas to prepare for the regional Youth convention which will take place in Chicago, October 9-12 2008.

Present at this meeting were youth representatives from several SAE U.S.A. member organizations as well as the SAE USA Regional Coordinating Council Youth Committee, Constantine Economides, Michael Galanakis, Rev. Fr. N. Kyritses and Mr. Theodore G.Spyropoulos,SAE U.S.A. Coordinator.

Rev. Fr. N. Kyritses started the meeting with a prayer and Mr. Theodore G.Spyropoulos SAE USA Coordinator, welcomed all the participants. After everyone introduced themselves, the participants separated into 3 groups where they focused their discussions on how to take the SAE U.S.A. youth movement forward and establish a concrete foundation.

Mr. Spyropoulos stated “The day was full of enthusiasm, great spirits and fresh ideas on the unity of Hellenic American youth.” The meeting was adjourned after a unanimous decision was taken to create committees and follow through with the proposed projects.

The following individuals participated.

Elizabeth Kazakos (Evrytanian Association),Ted Mesiacos (Pan Arcadian Federation),Angie Augustus(Federation of Northern CA.), Konstandinos Aravantinos (Pan Cephallonian Youth), Anthony Papadopoulos (Pan Elian Fed.), Michael Galanakis (SAE USA RCC), Chris Avramopoulos (Archdiocese of America), Hercules Logothetis (Northwestern HSA), Chrysoula Economopoulos (Hellenic American Womens Council), Aggeliki Gikas, Stacy Koumbis (Pan Epirotic Fed.), Penny Hambilomatis (Pan Macedonian Fed.), Maurice Gritzalis (Pan Messinian Fed.), Thomas Mantzakides(Pan Pontian Fed.), Petros Papantoniou (Pan Arcadian Fed), Costantine Flevaris (Uof I HSA), Theodre G. Spyropoulos SAE U.S.A. Coordinator.

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