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SAE Presiding Board meeting with Interior, Public Administration and Decentralization Minister Prokopis Pavlopoulos

The drawing up of a draft law on the voting rights of Overseas Greeks was discussed in a meeting held at noon today between the World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE) Presiding Board and Interior, Public Administration and Decentralization Minister Prokopis Pavlopoulos within the framework of the board’s 3rd meeting.

In the meeting, held in a cordial atmosphere, the SAE Presiding Board president and members outlined the organization’s positions to the minister and exchanged views on the draft law.

In statements made afterwards, Interior, Public Administration and Decentralization Minister Prokopis Pavlopoulos thanked the SAE board president and members for the cooperation and underlined:

“It was a very fruitful discussion. Observing the Prime Minister’s instructions we had a first meeting with the SAE board on the drawing up of the draft law concerning the right to vote by Greeks living outside the country. We have exchanged views that show that we are on the right path in order to reach a solution that will enjoy the necessary majority support as dictated by the Constitution and most of all have SAE’s positive response considering its major role on such issues.”

It was agreed that a new meeting will be held during the summer after the contacts Pavlopoulos will have with Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis and political party representatives. The goal is to ensure the necessary consensus and preconditions for the law to be approved, considering that a 2/3 majority is necessary in parliament as dictated by the Constitution, the minister said.

“Following the discussion we had today, we have the first signs of a consensus toward this direction at least from SAE’s side,” Pavlopoulos concluded.

On his part, SAE President Stefanos Tamvakis thanked the minister for the excellent cooperation and constructive dialogue. A new discussion on the representation of Hellenism worldwide in the Greek Parliament, a representation that will benefit both Greece and the Greeks worldwide, will get underway after the minister’s contacts are completed and the SAE board is fully briefed on the issue.

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