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SAE board holds meeting with the SYN President

In the morning, the SAE Presiding Board members met at the party headquarters with SYN President Alexis Tsipras and SYN Central Political Committee Executive Secretariat member Vasilis Primikiris responsible for Greeks abroad issues.

The SAE board members headed by President Stefanos Tamvakis briefed them on the organization’s activities and the demands of the Greeks living abroad.

On their part, the SYN president and the head of the party’s Greek expatriate office presented SYN’s positions on issues of major concern for the Greeks abroad such as, measures in support of Greek-speaking education, repatriation, voting rights of the Diaspora Greeks etc. The main objective is to materialize the inalienable voting right of the Greeks abroad, Tsipras said, pointing out that SYN supports SAE’s positions as they have been expressed.

The SYN president reiterated that his party never saw the Greeks abroad in a fragmentary and occasional manner and always stood by their side, pledging that SYN and SYRIZA will support all fair demands expressed by the Greeks abroad.

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