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A total of 75 young men and women of Greek descent representing all the provinces of Canada attended the founding assembly of the SAE Canada Region Youth Network held in Toronto within the framework of the goals set by the SAE world organization concerning the course of the Greek Omogenia with the young generation assuming a leading role. The Youth Network of the SAE Canada Region is the first to be established in North America in accordance with the new Enabling Law on SAE that provides for the establishment of Regional Youth Networks by the end of 2008.

The network’s establishment marks the beginning of a new and dynamic presence for the young people of Greek descent in Canada who will be able to present new ideas and create new horizons according to the assembly slogan “New Ideas – New Horizons”, a SAE Canada region statement reads.

The preservation of the Greek language and heritage was the key action and a reference point in the meeting. The delegates discussed issues such as the establishment of a data base on issues concerning Hellenism, the appointment of specialized educators to Greek schools and adequate teaching aids, the hosting of cultural, sports, artistic and other events.

The Youth Network members elected are: Tasos Mastorakos (Coordinator), Apollo Retsinas-Quebec (Member), Konstantinos Bonis-British Columbia (Member), Emmanuella Pontikakis-Manitoba (Member), Patricia-Cleopatra Maragos-Quebec (Member), Helen Kosmas-Saskatchewan (Member) and Michael Gekas-Ontario (Member).

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