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Western Australia SAE Youth Network holds founding conference

The Western Australia SAE Youth Network Founding Conference under the slogan “Unite Youth, Unite the Community” was successfully held on May 10-11 at the Greek Community Center in Perth in the presence of roughly 800 people among them officials and representatives of local authorities and organizations.

“The participation of young men and women, who were given the opportunity to express their Greek background when many of them are 3rd and 4th generation Greek-Australians and children of mixed marriages, was moving,” SAE Oceania and Far East Regional Coordinator George Angelopoulos pointed out.

The Network will constitute an autonomous body within the SAE Oceania Youth Network to be founded in a convention that will be held in Sydney in September and be part of the global SAE Youth Network planned to be established by regional representatives in a convention in Greece in 2010.

All speakers underlined the importance of youth networking in the preservation and promotion of the Greek language and culture in Australia and its role in the efforts for the personal, professional and social benefit of our young men and women.

The Convention’s four committee workshops were:

1)Greek-learning – Culture

2)Connection with Greece – National issues

3)Information – registration – communication – Youth activities

4)Promotion of the Greek-Australian identity – Communication between generations – Greek community issues

After talks and consultations, the heads of the committees submitted proposals and suggestions on the improvement and upgrading of communication between the youth, organizations, SAE and the Greek State.

The main points in the proposals presented concerned: establishment of Greek kindergarten school, communication with the motherland, the role of SAE, communication with the use of modern multimedia (email, newsletter, facebook, SMS, website), upgrading of the Greek Community building, holding regular Greek cultural events, hiring of permanent teaching personnel, the football-sports teams, camps, student exchange, support to the SAE Oceania Pan-Hellenic Athletic and Cultural Games – Melbourne 2009 and the backing of national issues.

The proposals will be processed and analyzed by the newly elected Western Australia Youth Network Board of Directors to be presented to the SAE Oceania Youth Network founding General Assembly scheduled to be held in September 2008.

The Western Australia SAE Youth Network elected a nine-member board of directors made up of Chrystalla Georgiou, Vasilis Glitsos, Efterpi Platritis, Nefeli Naoum, Alexi Gavalas, Stan Mastrantonis, Kyriakos Stylianou, Anthony Zorbas, Alexandra Papadakis expected to formally convene within the next two days.

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Photos of the Western Australia SAE Youth Network holds founding conference

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