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Youths of Greek origin from across Argentina met in Cordoba’s Ciudad de Alta Gracia on March 21-23, 2008.

The meeting was hosted by the Hellenic Community of Cordoba with the support of the Cordoba Provincial Government Committee and the SAE Central and South America Region. The last meeting of youths of Greek origin was held in Argentina 2 years ago.

The participating Hellenic Communities of Argentina were:

Hellenic Community of Berisso,

Hellenic Community of Mar de Plata,

Hellenic Community of Buenos Aires,

Peloponnesian Association “Geros tou Moria”,

Hellenic Community “SOCRATES”,

Hellenic Community of Bahia Blanca,

Hellenic Community of Jujuy,

Hellenic Community of Mendoza,

Hellenic Community of Comodoro Rivadavia and

Hellenic Community of Cordoba.

Youths from cities in Argentina without organized Hellenic Communities were also invited to attend.

A total of 70 young men and women participated in the meeting.

The goal of the meeting was for the youths of Greek origin to get acquainted with each other to be able to work more effectively for the Hellenism in Argentina.

Subjects on the agenda:

Among the issues discussed were:

Regular Youth meetings and establishment of groups,

Youth Coordination in Argentina,

Attracting the Youth,

Activities of SAE in general and the SAE Central and South America Region in particular,

Actions by SAE Central and South America Region Youth Network,
Youth and Church,

Greek-learning (Greek language teaching and promotion of the Greek culture) Relative action by the SAE Region.
Youth participation in Community Boards.

Participants were pleased with the subjects discussed and the existing atmosphere of cooperation, while they also thanked organizers for a successfully held meeting that met its goal namely, allowing youths to get acquainted and exchange views and proposals.

On the last day of the meeting, participants enjoyed Greek food and folklore music and dances from different parts of Greece and pledged to hold their next meeting in the border city of Mendoza.

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