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One-day conference on the Importance of Greek Television for Hellenes Abroad Completed

A one-day conference on the Importance of Greek Television for Hellenes Abroad was held on April 13 in Frankfurt, the SAE Europe Region seat.

The conference, co-hosted by World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE) Europe Region and the Federation of Greek Communities in Germany (OEK), attended representatives of Greek expatriate federations and organizations, youth members of federations, academics, Greek expatriate journalists and representatives of the European Network of Elected Greeks in Local Authorities Abroad.

Messages were read by SAE Europe Regional Coordinator Giorgos Amarantidis, Consul General in Frankfurt Stavroula Frangoyanni and European Network of Elected Greeks in Local Authorities Abroad Coordinator Ilias Galanos.

The keynote speaker was director of ERT-World Nikos Kourtis who presented the new satellite television programme. “We did not come here to have a monologue but to present to you our new programme and listen to your views, proposals and objections,” he said, stressing that every single meeting with the Omogenia is meaningful and contributes to the improvement of the satellite programme aired on public television.

The second part of the conference included presentations by board members Vasilis Hatzivasios, Essen Radio Greek Service Director, Costas Dimitriou, OEK Germany President and Sophia Karypidou, Head of SAE Europe Region Youth Committee. The conference panel members agreed on the fact that the ERT-World programme has improved notably compared to the past and that reform efforts should continue.

The interesting discussion that followed was moderated by journalist Stamatis Asimenios.

The conference goal that, among others, was to record proposals made by the Greek expatriates, the young generation in particular, was successfully met.

The well-targeted and creative interventions contributed to a constructive dialogue between the large audience and the speakers. The need for special entertainment programmes on Omogenia and its activities was stressed by all participants who also called for local shows produced by expatriate journalists.

A reference was also made to the wish of the Greek expatriates for live broadcasts of National Football Team matches and production of new shows with an emphasis on young generation Greeks.

The common conclusion reached was that the conference opened the way for substantive dialogue between the Omogenia and ERT that will continue in the future.

The SAE Europe Region will proceed with the publication of the conference minutes as soon as possible.

Press Release / SAE Europe – The Importance of Greek Television for Hellenes Abroad

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