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Convention on Greek-speaking education in Germany

Two conferences on Greek-speaking Education in Europe are scheduled to take place in Cologne on March 8 and in Stuttgart on March 9 organized by the Federation of Greek Communities of Germany, OEK, the SAE Europe Region and the Federations of Parents’ Associations in Germany.

The conferences are of a preparatory nature in view of the 1st Pan-European Conference on Greek-speaking Education to take place in the spring of 2008 organized by the SAE Europe Region.

The conference at the offices of the Greek Community of Stuttgart will attend representatives of SAE, Greek expatriate federations in Europe and Greek institutions who will focus on Greek-speaking education issues in southern Germany.

The conference will focus on the Greek Schools, the Greek Language Departments, and the European Schools. The SAE Europe Region Education and Greek-learning Committee members and the recommendations prepared by the Parents’ Associations and the Federation of Greek Communities of Germany, OEK, will be presented in the opening session.

The conference in Cologne that will focus on Greek-speaking education in northern and central Germany will be hosted at the Greek community.

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