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The problem of the delays in the issuance of new passports for Greek expatriates, who live abroad permanently, was raised by SAE President Stefanos Tamvakis in a letter addressed to the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad.

He called for the implementation of the EU directive according to which, passports stop being valid on the day of their expiration meaning, that the old type Greek passports should be valid until they expire. He also pointed out that if the above proposal is not feasible, the problem should be solved in any other available way within the framework of existing legislation.

Tamvakis underlined that the issue needs to be settled immediately considering the repeated protests of individual citizens and Greek community organizations complaining for the situation they are in as a result of the long delays in the replacement of passports.

The SAE president concluded by pointing out that the decision to dispatch personnel to certain consulates to help speed up procedures is a positive move but unfortunately is not enough.

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