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SAE president emeritus Andrew Athens addressing the 6th Academic Meeting between Judaism and Orthodox Christianity in Jerusalem stressed that religious freedom is necessary for the Ecumenical Patriarchate and all the Orthodox Patriarchates, the Patriarchate of Jerusalem included.

The meeting’s theme “Religious Liberty and the Relationship between Freedom and Religion” constitutes one of the most important issues for the Greek Diaspora, Athens stated.

Religious liberty is probably the most fundamental human right and the struggle for its acquisition has allowed the two communities to work together in the past and develop feelings of understanding and support, he pointed out. Athens stressed that he is a member and a Regional Commander of the Archons of the Order of St Andrew and a recipient of the Athinagoras Human Rights Award, adding that the Order has pledged to support the principle of religious liberty for the Ecumenical Patriarchate the all the Patriarchates including the Patriarchate of Jerusalem.

Athens referred to the long and effective cooperation he has with the Jews of the Diaspora in the area of human rights and freedoms and expressed the belief that such meetings will bolster support in the consolidation of Religious Liberty.

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