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Ivan Savvides expressed condolences for the death of Archbishop Christodoulos

Condolences for the passing away of Archbishop Christodoulos of Athens and All Greece “a distinguished man who most rightfully was the spiritual leader of the Greek nation”, were expressed by Ivan Savvides, Russian Federation Parliament Deputy and SAE Coordinator for the former Soviet Union countries in a letter to the Church of Greece Standing Holy Synod.

“The death of Archbishop Christodoulos is a great loss for World Hellenism and not just for Greece,” Savvides stressed. “His contribution to the spiritual growth of our fellow citizens and his actions aimed at strengthening interfaith relations were priceless while his dedication to the Orthodox Church and the country was unreserved”.

In conclusion, Savvides expressed the wish that the members of the Holy Synod will elect a worthy successor to the deceased who will continue his spiritual work for the sake of Orthodoxy and the Greek nation.

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