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SAE president concludes visit to Canada

World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE) President Stefanos Tamvakis wrapped up his visit to Canada held within the framework of his tour of North America.

“The Greek community of Canada is a lively and dynamic part of the Greeks abroad. During my visit I had the opportunity to listen to its concerns and cooperate with active Regional Coordinator Costas Menegakis to coordinate the SAE activities with an emphasis on the younger generations because they are our future”, stressed Tamvakis expressing satisfaction for the contacts he had in Canada. He pointed out that the Greek community is realizing that SAE is an organization that does not wish to replace anyone yet it supports, demands, advises and consults for the benefit of all Greeks living abroad. It supports the Church, plays an active role in national issues, cooperates and unites, having as an objective and end result the settling of problems and the strengthening of the people’s role, while, at the same time, it becomes widely known and recognized for its effectiveness.

During his stay in Canada on October 18-22, the SAE president visited Montreal and Toronto to get acquainted with the local Greek communities in the two major cities of the newly established SAE Region, discuss their problems and the prospects for their solution.

In Toronto, Tamvakis attended the inauguration of the new SAE Canada regional offices. He had separate meetings with Metropolitan Sotirios of Toronto and conferred with Greek Canadian community and PanMacedonian representatives. In the meeting with Canada PSEKA President Constantinos Sophocleous, Tamvakis underlined that SAE’s support to a fair, democratic and viable solution to the Cyprus issue is a given.

The SAE president will be on a visit to the United States on October 23 through November 2. The first stop of his visit will be Chicago, the headquarters of the SAE USA Region, where he will meet with Regional Coordinator Theodore Spyropoulos and attend a SAE USA Coordinating Council meeting. He will meet with SAE honorary President Andrew Athens and have contacts with Greek American community representatives. He is also scheduled to visit the Hellenic American Academy and the Hellenic Museum and Cultural Center.

Tamvakis will visit New York on October 25-29. He will be received by Archbishop Demetrios of America and have contacts with representatives of the Greek American community. He is also scheduled to give a press conference at the Press and Communication Office of the Consulate General of Greece in New York. The tour will be completed with visits to Boston and Washington.

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