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Inauguration of SAE Africa - Near / Middle East offices

The new SAE Africa-Near/Middle East Region offices in Pretoria, the capital of South Africa, were formally inaugurated today in the presence of Greece’s Deputy Foreign Minister Theodoros Kassimis and his South African counterpart Sue van der Merwe.

Earlier, the SAE Africa-Near/Middle East Coordinating Council and the Hellenic Community of Pretoria, which celebrates its 100th anniversary, hosted a dinner that was attended by the two deputy foreign ministers, their entourages and representatives of the Greek community of South Africa.

Addressing the formal guests SAE Coordinator Charis Gouvelis thanked them for being present “to celebrate and display to everyone our common action and course in the two countries”.

“The World Council of Hellenes Abroad has entered a new phase in its history and is being called to do its duty toward World Hellenism. The South Africa Hellenism has to meet the challenges of modern times and assume an active role in the country’s political scene”, Gouvelis stressed.

On his part, Deputy Foreign Minister Thedoros Kassimis mentioned: “You have an obligation as Greeks coming from the “mother of Democracy” to help the “daughter of Democracy” as Nelson Mandela has called South Africa and spread the anthropocentric values of Hellenism. I am issuing an appeal for more coordination and cooperation between the members of the Greek community away from political party criteria and pettiness. A considerable effort is being made by Greece over the past few years which will continue”.

South African Deputy Foreign Minister Sue van der Merwe thanked the members of the Greek community, who live and create in the country, for supporting it and contributing to its development and congratulated SAE Coordinator Charis Gouvelis for his active role and the new offices in the capital.

Source: ANA-MPA

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