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New York24.04.2007

Issues concerning the right of Overseas Greeks to vote in Greek national elections from their country of residence, the representation of the Greek Omogeneia in the SAE USA Region, financial independence and other priorities on youth, Greek education and national issues were examined in the first meeting of the SAE USA Coordinating Council held in New York.

The SAE USA Region will coordinate its members’ efforts in support of Greece’s accession in the US Waiver Visa programme considering that it fulfills all necessary preconditions, while a special reference was made to the issue of religious freedom which is being violated in the case of the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the Halki Seminary.

Among the issues discussed were the establishment of a registry of Greek American businesses and Greek origin academicians and scientists, the support of the Chairs of Greek Studies and the campaign for the return of the Parthenon Marbles to Greece, the Elleniada and other issues.

SAE Regional Coordinator Theodore Spyropoulos announced the preparation of bylaws under which the SAE USA will operate and stated that all necessary legal moves were made for SAE USA to obtain Federal Tax ID number, adding that the new SAE USA headquarters in Chicago will be ready soon as well as the region’s new website.

Following an extensive discussion, the Coordinating Council unanimously decided to authorize Regional Coordinator Spyropoulos to convey to the Greek government the demand of the Greeks abroad to have their own representatives voted to the Greek parliament and be given the postal vote option in the Greek national elections.

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