SAE Vote of Overseas Greeks issue

Vote of Overseas Greeks issue

10.03.2010: SAE make a claim on Diaspora vote by post
04.01.2010: «We fought abroad for the right of speech and vote…»
10.08.2009: State deputies (epikratias) to increase to 15
03.08.2009: New proposal on the Greek expatriate voting rights to be presented
08.04.2009: Bill on overseas Greeks voting rights fails to achieve 2/3 majority
30.03.2009: PM Karamanlis briefed by interior minister on absentee voting bill
30.03.2009: Loverdos’ response to the interior minister’s statements
12.03.2009: SAE positive on expatriate vote draft law
12.03.2009: SAE President addresses the joint session of parliamentary committees
09.03.2009: Valinakis addresses Diaspora in New York
03.03.2009: Conference of Greek Communities in Germany ends
26.02.2009: Gov’t on expatriates’ voting rights
25.02.2009: SAE ‘s position on the Greek expatriate voting rights
24.02.2009: Expatriate voting rights discussed in Parliament committee
17.02.2009: Gov’t readies bill on expatriates vote
11.02.2009: Cabinet approves bill for expatriate vote
10.09.2008: Conventions and Voting Rights Draft Law
10.09.2008: Meeting at the foreign ministry on the Greek expatriate vote draft law
10.06.2008: Meeting with LA.O.S President George Karatzaferis
09.06.2008: Meeting with PASOK President George Papandreou
08.06.2008: Meeting with Interior, Public Administration & Decentralization Minister
04.06.2008: Meeting with Prime Minister of Greece Costas Karamanlis
04.06.2008: Meeting with the SYN President
04.06.2008: Meeting with the KKE Parliamentary Group
09.12.2007: Letter to PM Karamanlis on the Overseas Greeks vote
27.11.2007: Letter on the Overseas Greeks vote to the ministers of foreign affairs
10.05.2007: SAE presents positions on the vote of overseas Greeks
29.03.2007: SAE President Tamvakis discussed the vote of Overseas Greeks issue
16.03.2007: SAE will have a say in the drawing up of the draft law on the vote of Overseas Greeks