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SAE Youth Proposals

Youth was dynamically represented in the 1st Joint Meeting of the SAE Presiding Board with the organization’s Regional Coordinating Councils and leading figures of the Omogeneia.

The proposals tabled for the development of youth networks within the framework of SAE were concrete.

The young Greek expatriates submitted a specific timetable and action plan after reviewing the experience and knowledge acquired from previous endeavors and pointed out the need for coordinated strategy aimed at improving and making more effective the joint efforts of the young generation Greeks of the Diaspora.

The proposals that stood out and were widely supported by participants and the members of the parliament’s Special Permanent Committee on Greeks Abroad concern:

· the support of institutions promoting youth organizing and networking within their framework,
· the creation of a youth website featuring new technologies on social networking and voluntarism to forge close relations among the young Greek expatriates,
· the continuation of the world camps programme that each year attracted many young Greek expatriates from all over the world,
· the regional youth conferences and the joint meeting of the youth coordinating bodies scheduled for 2009, as well as the world youth convention in 2010,
· tourist programmes,
· the preparation of a major cultural event for the young featuring Greek expatriate artists,
· cooperation with the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad and the General Secretariat for Youth,
· daily information and two-way communication,
· training of officials to be able to help youth organizations make their proposals and operation more effective and
· national identity preservation.

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