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SAE Central and South America Region Youth Network

Forty five young men and women of Greek origin from Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, Uruguay, Peru, Panama and Chile attended the Founding Assembly meeting of the SAE Central and South America Region Youth Network held in Sao Paolo, Brazil, on November 2-5.

The meeting launched the young expatriates’ new, dynamic and meaningful presence and laid the foundations for the construction of a strong and stable bridge linking the old with the new generation.

The spread of the Greek language and culture, the young expatriate participation in community affairs and the restitution of the Parthenon Marbles, were only a few of the issues discussed by the delegates with the preservation of the Greek identity being a reference point.

Following democratic procedures, the SAE Central and South America Region Youth Network Coordinating Council members elected are: Mariana Meidani Ripoli (Brazil) Coordinator, Adamantio Nicolas Kontos (Argentina) Member, Maria Papatsoris Karaiskos (Panama) Member, Jesus Abraham Leon Mavrides (Mexico) Member and Ana Elizabeth Dimu Belonakis (Uruguay) Member.

The flawless organizing and the assistance offered by the SAE Central and South America Region Coordinating Council headed by Regional Coordinator Nikiforos Nikolaidis contributed to the meeting’s success. Hellenic Community of Sao Paolo President Stavros Kyriopoulos and the board members also did their best toward this end.

The meeting attended Metropolitan Tarasios of South America, General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad General Director Ioannis Kyparissidis, Greece’s Ambassador to Brazil Antonios Nikolaidis, Greece’s General Consul to Sao Paolo Efstathios Paizis-Paradelis and Greek community representatives.

Alternate SAE President-SAE Canada Regional Coordinator Costas Menegakis addressed proceedings on behalf of the SAE board congratulating Regional Coordinator Nikolaidis on the impeccable hosting of the event while praising participants for the constructive dialogue they engaged in.

The SAE Central and South America Region Youth Network is the first to be established based on the new SAE Enabling Law that provides for the institution of Youth Networks in all seven SAE Regions by the end of 2008. Procedures are underway in the rest of the SAE Regions for the establishment of local Youth Networks.

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SAE Latin America