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Conference on Greek-speaking education organized in Frankfurt by SAE Europe

Utilization of expatriate educators, training seminars for educators first time transferred abroad from Greece and timely shipment of textbooks to schools abroad are only a few of the proposals adopted in the two-day conference on Greek-speaking education held over the weekend of December 1-2 in Frankfurt at the initiative of the SAE Europe Region.

The meeting held with the participation of Education Coordinators and Presidents of the Greek Federations of Europe took place in view of the Pan-European Convention on Education and Greek learning scheduled for 2008. The goal was to prepare a complete proposal for the reorganization and upgrading of Greek-speaking education and, at the same time, have the Region updated on the current situation and the concerns of competent authorities.

Participants reached the conclusion that “the meetings have launched a very creative cooperation aimed at upgrading Greek education and culture abroad to make the Greek-speaking education system designed for Greek descent schoolchildren in Europe better and more effective”, according to a statement issued by the Region. SAE Regional Coordinator Georgios Amarantidis stated that the Coordinating Council pledges to undertake joint coordinated efforts toward this direction.

The conference proposals and demands will be presented in the December 7-9 meeting the Coordinating Councils of the seven SAE Regions will have with the SAE Presiding Board in Thessaloniki.

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