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SAE Europe Regional Coordinating Council meeting

Issues concerning the Greeks in Europe dominated in the meeting of the SAE Europe Region committees held at the Region’s main offices in Frankfurt under Regional Coordinator Giorgos Amarantidis.

The issues discussed in the meeting, which was held in the presence of SAE President Stefanos Tamvakis, concerned the upgrading of Education and Greek learning, youth organizing, better promotion of the Greek culture, actions undertaken by SAE and Greek community organizations and the establishment of business networks in Europe.

Also, participants were briefed on the SAE Education and Greek learning convention to take place in Frankfurt on December 1-2. Invited to attend are Education Coordinators in Europe and presidents of federations.

The discussion on the new election law attracted great interest particularly regarding the overseas Greeks’ vote. According to a statement issued by the SAE Europe Region, following a briefing by President Tamvakis, the Coordinating Council members backed the proposal calling for the election of expatriate parliament deputies. According to the proposal, host countries will be regarded as one electoral district or be divided into many separate ones in which MPs will be distributed depending on the number of registered voters.

Extensive reference was made to the joint meeting of the SAE Presiding Board and the Regional Coordinating Councils in Thessaloniki on December 7-9.

The meeting attended European Policy Committee head and co-chair of Education and Greek Learning Committee Evdoxia Panta, head of Youth Committee Sofia Karypidou, head of Culture and Preservation of Ties with Motherland Committee Nikos Tsitsigos, head of Organizational Committee for Greeks in Europe Asterios Bratanis and head of Greek Entrepreneurship and Tourism Promotion Committee in Europe Yannis Epitropakis.

On Sunday, November 25, SAE President Stefanos Tamvakis, SAE Treasurer Costas Dimitriou, SAE Europe Regional Coordinator Giorgos Amarantidis and the SAE Regional Coordinating Council members attended the 1st Organizational Youth Convention of the PanEpirotic Federation of Europe. The young members of the federation were briefed by Sofia Karypidou, head of the SAE Europe Youth Committee, and examined cooperation prospects between young Greek expatriates at regional and world level.

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