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Dear Regional Coordinating Council members, SAE Members, Media members and Friends:

A first-time event whose program combines discussion on America’s Hellenes with first-class entertainment and the presentation of leading personalities will take place in Washington D.C. the weekend of November 16-18.

Under the auspices of H. E. the Ambassador of Greece, Mr. Alexandros P. Mallias, and the Greek Secretariat General of Information, the World Council of Hellenes (S.A.E.)/U.S.A. Region, the Hellenic American National Council and the American Hellenic Institute, are organizing a Symposium for Young Adults.

The goal of this symposium is to open a dialogue between Greek American Young Adults and the leaders of Greek American institutions, so that we may improve the channels of communication and better meet the needs of our community. A special feature of this symposium is the participation of experts from Greece who specialize in industrial, economic, technological, energy, education and other issues and who will describe Greece’s new, forwardfacing attitudes, conditions and prospects within the European framework. Among the special facets of this symposium is a concert by our own Elly Paspala, a true child of our Community,
known for her ground-breaking interpretations of Greek favorites, and a film on the Greek American Dream.

We hope that you will become an active part of the dialogue with the young adults that begins at this symposium and that you will continue to take the lead in future events that follow. As a first step, we would appreciate it if you notify your members and urge them to participate, especially the youth and the young adults in your organization and in other organizations where you have contacts. Please call us to confirm participation for persons or groups you approach. An agenda will be sent by next week.

Looking forward to your response, I am,
Sincerely yours,

Ted G. Spyropoulos

President, SAE / USA

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