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Fellow Compatriots,

The October 28 anniversary, amongst the most glorious pages in the History of Modern Greece, is a day of national pride for World Hellenism paying homage to all those who stood tall, holding high our homeland’s flag of Freedom.

It is a day of pride for the courage and determination displayed by Hellenism defending national dignity in the struggle launched with “Ochi”. We devoutly commemorate this struggle founded on the unity and togetherness of all Greeks; a message proved to be timeless.

World Hellenism draws strength, self-confidence and optimism from this heroic act, a sacred legacy for all of us, and looks towards the future with optimism. We keep alive the example set back then by the Greeks knowing that our Nation did its duty toward Humanity during that particular crucial moment in History.

Utilizing the lessons learnt and the legacy entrusted with us by the 1940 generation it is our duty to pass on to our children the will to protect and promote the Greek values by teaching them tolerance and respect to human rights having as a guide the Greek education and culture.

Together with the 1940 “Ochi” anniversary, we celebrate another great day, the liberation of Thessaloniki on October 26, 1912, which coincided with its Patron Saint Demetrius Feast Day. It is a celebration for World Hellenism too since the city of Thessaloniki is regarded as its capital being the seat of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad.

Warm patriotic regards,

Stefanos P. Tamvakis

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Press Releases