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SAE Europe Region appealed to all Greeks living in the European continent to assist relief efforts for fire victims in Greece.

“All of us living away from the homeland can be a useful force for our fellow Greeks at home even by simply offering economic assistance”, stressed in a statement SAE Coordinator George Amarantidis. “We can prove in practice our love and solidarity to all those who are facing an emergency. Our will to support our country and every Greek, mourning for people and property perished in the flames, is immeasurable”, he stressed.

SAE Europe will intensify future efforts aimed at sending the appropriate vehicles to vulnerable regions in Greece in cooperation with local authorities.

Meanwhile, the Federation of Pontian Greek Associations of Europe chaired by Amarantidis has offered the sum of 5,000 euro for fire victims in Greece in a symbolic gesture of support.

A statement issued by the federation mentions, “We thank all Pontian Greek Associations for the economic assistance sent to Greece and urge associations and private citizens to undertake similar initiatives and do their sacred duty as Greeks”.

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