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SAE Directorate - Greeting of the President for the 23rd Conference of the Executive POMAK – PSEKA Councils and the 5th World Conference of NEPOMAK
Press Releases 24.08.2010
Dear compatriots, With great honor and emotion, I address a patriotic and fraternal greeting message on behalf of Hellenism worldwide towards the people of Cyprus and I salute the opening of the proceedings of the 23rd Conference of the Executive POMAK and PSEKA councils, as well as the 5th World Conference of NEPOMAK. We are following yo... more
SAE Directorate - Meeting of SAE President with the Board of Directors of WHIPA
Press Releases 22.07.2010
Close cooperation and coordination between the World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE) and the World Hellenic Inter - Parliamentary Association (WHIPA), in the promotion of issues concerning Greece and Greeks worldwide, is the general message that both organizations address. This was emphasized during a meeting between the President of SAE, S... more
SAE USA - You in Greece
Press Releases 20.07.2010
You can download the press release here.
SAE Directorate - Message of the President of SAE, Stefanos P. Tamvakis, on the 36th anniversary of the Turkish invasion in Cyprus
Press Releases 19.07.2010
The anniversary of the Turkish invasion in Cyprus brings back painful memories for Hellenism worldwide. Thirty-six years later, us Greeks from all over the world, don’t forget that the gate was open after the treacherous coup of the junta in Athens and EOKA B’ military coup in Cyprus on the 15th of July 1974, against the legal President of th... more
SAE USA - Message of SAE USA Region Coordinator, Mr. Theodoros G. Spyropoulos
Press Releases Chicago , 19.07.2010
The Cyprus issue remains a key priority for Hellenism until the final justification of the people of Cyprus. These days, memories of the grievous anniversary of the Turkish invasion in Cyprus come back to life. Days for paying tribute to the heroic people of Cyprus, but mostly for reflection on our responsibility towards them. For 36 yea... more
SAE Former USSR - I. Savvidi elected as President of the International Confederation of Pontian Greeks
Press Releases 06.07.2010
The solidarity of Pontian Hellenism is a prerequisite for the emergence of the Pontian issue to the fore. This is the message of the election of Ivan Savvid as President of the International Confederation of Pontian Greeks. The election took place during an extraordinary assembly of the Board of Directors of the International Confederation of... more
SAE USA - The formation of a single strategy for Greeks Abroad is as necessary as ever
Press Releases 29.06.2010
It is encouraging that in a time of great challenges and changes for Greece, the Prime Minister, G. A. Papandreou, during his recent visit in New York, he addressed the Greek Diaspora, through a Press Conference for the Media of the Diaspora. The Prime Minister appeared well informed on issues concerning Hellenes abroad, especially in the U.S. a... more
SAE Directorate - SAE President Greeting Adress at the Workshop for the Greek Language and Language Education
Press Releases 28.06.2010
It is a great honor for me to address the greeting speech at the opening of the “Workshop for the Greek Language and Greek Language Education” organized by the Centre for Greek Language, with the participation of the Ministries of Education, Culture and Foreign Affairs at the Capital of the Diaspora, and headquarters of the World Council of Hell... more