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President's Office - Tamvakis 28th October Anniversary
Press Releases Alexandria , 25.10.2007
Fellow Compatriots, The October 28 anniversary, amongst the most glorious pages in the History of Modern Greece, is a day of national pride for World Hellenism paying homage to all those who stood tall, holding high our homeland’s flag of Freedom. It is a day of pride for the courage and determination displayed by Hellenism defending natio... more
SAE Canada - SAE President Tamvakis visits Canada
Press Releases Toronto , 25.10.2007
The first formal visit to Canada by Stefanos Tamvakis, as the new World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE) President, was successfully concluded on Tuesday, October 23, 2007. During his five-day stay in Canada, the SAE President, accompanied by his wife Artemis Gerontaki-Tamvaki, visited the cities of Montreal and Toronto. In Montreal, he held ... more
SAE USA - Plant your Roots in Greece
Press Releases Chicago , 16.10.2007
‘PLANT YOUR ROOTS’ REFORESTATION OF GREECE NOW ACCEPTS EASY, SECURE ONLINE DONATIONS “Plant Your Roots in Greece,” the successful 10-year program that leads the Omogeneia effort to reforest lands devastated by fires in Greece, can now accept donations online through the website of the World Council of Hellenes SAE/USA. “We have been testin... more
SAE USA - Symposium : Young Greek Americans
Press Releases Chicago , 15.10.2007
Dear Regional Coordinating Council members, SAE Members, Media members and Friends: A first-time event whose program combines discussion on America’s Hellenes with first-class entertainment and the presentation of leading personalities will take place in Washington D.C. the weekend of November 16-18. Under the auspices of H. E. the Ambassa... more
SAE USA - Dinner to Honor Ambassador Mallias
Press Releases Chicago , 09.10.2007
Greek Ambassador Alexandros Mallias was honored in Chicago Friday at a dinner with Chicago businessmen hosted by Theodore G. Spyropoulos, president of the World Council of Hellenes / SAE USA. “We have experienced excellent cooperation in all our combined activities with Mr. Mallias, and therefore it is our honor and pleasure to be with him an... more
SAE Directorate - cooperation with the Ecumenical Patriarchate OECUMENICA NGO
Press Releases 24.07.2007
World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE) and the Ecumenical Patriarchate "«OECUMENICA» non governmental organization":http://www.ecumenica.net signed a memorandum of cooperation for the exchange of information and knowledge aiming at mutual cooperation and implementation of initiatives and programmes outside Greece. The memorandum was signed b... more
SAE USA - Easter message My Dear Compatriots, “The holiday among holidays and the celebration among celebrations,” the Resurrection is the most devout and essential Greek Orthodox holiday; its essence is forever weaved into Hellenism. It is the symbol for the victory of life over death, the overcoming of the ephemeral and materialistic through the resurrection of ... more