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George Amarantidis

George Amarantidis

He was born in 1954 at the village of Kleitos in Kozani Prefecture, northwestern Greece. He is a Kozani Superintendent Mechanical Engineering School graduate. Soon after his arrival in Germany in October 1978, he became actively involved in community affairs.

He was a board member in numerous sports clubs in Germany and a member of the Greek community of Frankfurt where he continues to offer his services until now.

He ran for Federation of Greek Communities in Germany board member. He was elected to the local municipal council of Ortsbeirat, Frankfurt and took up the post of school representative to German agencies responsible for foreign children issues. In 1982 he was elected president of the Pontian Greek Association of Frankfurt and in 1986 he became board member of the Federation of Pontian Greek Associations of Europe. He attended the 1st Conference of Greeks Abroad in Patras.

As the president of the Federation of Pontian Greek Associations of Europe he took part and co-organized three World Conferences of Pontian Greeks. In cooperation with other Federations in Germany he co-organized the Pan German protest march in Bonn against the recognition of FYROM under the name Macedonia.

Among his most noted initiatives in Europe, was the successful hosting of the Pontian Greek Dance Festival in Europe held in Brussels in June 2003 in cooperation with associations-members of the Federation and local Belgian authorities. In total, he was actively involved in the hosting of 26 festivals.

In December 2005, he hosted and funded the 1st World Convention of Pontian Youth in Frankfurt in cooperation with associations, members of the federation, assisted by the federation’s young Pontian Greeks movement.
Of the 17 countries invited, 13 participated making the event a great success.

In cooperation with other Pontian Greek organizations he organized the 6th World Convention of Pontian Greeks in Athens in July 2006.

He has worked hard and effectively towards the development of the countries of the former Soviet Union.
He participates in SAE since the 1st Assembly meeting.

In 2002, he organized the SAE Europe Regional Assembly meeting in Frankfurt.

He was elected to the SAE Europe Regional Coordinating Council in 2002. His priorities are to organize Youth Networks in Europe and maintain excellent cooperation with all federations active in the Region.

He attended all formal meetings aimed at solving problems concerning schools, local communities, cultural issues, national problems. He cooperated with Greek and foreign organizations in Europe while through SAE Europe Region he had the opportunity to cooperate with Greek authorities and visit numerous countries.

His long experience as a SAE Europe Regional Coordinating Council member has make him fully aware of the different situations and problems organizations in Europe are currently faced with.