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SAE Headquarter

The headquarters of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE) are located in Thessaloniki.

The Office is responsible for planning, developing and implementing programs and projects according to the goals set by the Board of SAE.

Pursues and establishes contacts in the private and public sector for the development and implementation of SAE projects and cooperates closely with the members of the Board as well as with other outside consultants. Pursues the ongoing improvement of communication acting as a liaison among SAE, government and local constituencies, city authorities, organizations and foundations in Thessaloniki, Greece and abroad.
Furthermore, the Office promotes the activities, events and projects of SAE. It offers organizational support of conferences, meetings, SAE events, etc.

The Office operates under the direction of the Executive Committee appointed by the SAE Board, consisting of the President, the Alternate President, the Secretary and the Treasurer.

The headquarters of SAE is hosted at a space that was granted to SAE from the City of Thessaloniki through a private donation of Mr. Thomas Makridis. The Office includes an event hall, administrative offices, conference and projection room.

Personnel – Staff:
Fotini Makri, Maria Tzika.