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National Issues

SAE’s role and contribution to the efforts in support of our national issues and in defense of Orthodoxy are clear and constructive. It is widely known that since 1974 Omogeneia, particularly in the United States, gives an intense fight for a fair and viable solution to the Cyprus problem. The leaderships of major Greek community organizations in America and worldwide give their fight united every time Cyprus faces difficult times or in case other issues arise.

Within this framework SAE, supporting the governments of Greece and Cyprus, stands on PADEE, PSEKA and POMAK side for the benefit of Hellenism and Orthodoxy.

Since established, SAE firmly supports the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the Old Patriarchates, the beacons of Orthodox Faith worldwide, well aware of the fact that Hellenism and Orthodoxy are intertwined notions.

International coordination and the participation of all Greeks in the efforts to promote national issues are necessary preconditions for greater influence on decision-making centers.