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Hellenes Abroad / Greece

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For the 11th time, the members of the Coordinating Youth Committee and the Board of the Federation of Hellene Pontians in Europe, will have the annual Conference of Pontian Youth that will take place on March 20 & 21, 2004 at Kolpinghaus, Lange Str. 26, 60311 Frankfurt am Main.

The Conference of Pontian Youth in Europe is an institution of the Federation of Associations of Hellene Pontians in Europe and its Youth. More than 200 youth (ages 15-35) from all Pontian Associations in Europe gather every year at a Conference that covers historic and other issues regarding Pontos, youth and humanity.

Our conferences consist sources of knowledge, discussion, ideas, views and proposals.

The great gathering of youth takes place only few weeks prior to the annual Festival of Pontian Dances (May 29, 2004 in Berlin), offers the opportunity to youth to get acquainted with their historical background, to meet each other and to actively participate at the activities of the Federation.

This year s speakers are:

- Michael Haralampidis,
Pontian History- memories, identity and development

- Nikos Zournatzidis,
Pontian Dances- Past, present, future

- Stavros Lambrinidis,
Olympic Truce – Signing of the Declaration for the Olympic Truce

- Stelios Elliniadis,
21st Century – Let us keep the flags of the Hellenic Culture in Efxeinos Pontos higher and higher

- Youth Coordinating Committee of OSEPE, Organized Pontian Youth in Europe – Power of creation, innovation, vision and cooperation

Information and contact details for Pontian Youth in Europe: http://pontos.neolaia.de – email: pontos@neolaia.de

Sincerely, Pontian Youth Coordinating Committee in Europe

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Hellenes Abroad / Greece

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