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Hellenes Abroad / Greece

EETAA HOSPITALITY PROGRAMS FOR CHILDREN AND YOUTH FROM THE OMOGENEIA Many Greek Municipalities will participate at the Summer Hospitality Programs for Children & Youth from the Omogeneia, organized by EETAA. Below you will find contact information of some of the Municipalities that will implement hospitality programs. Please note that applications for participation should be sent directly to the Municipality y... more
Hellenes Abroad / Greece WASHINGTON D.C. , 21.06.2005
A total of 30 key U.S. Senators and Members of Congress, and the most knowledgeable, high-ranking Administration official for matters relating to Cyprus, participated in the 16th Annual Cyprus Conference in Washington, D.C. June 15-17, 2005. Over 100 Hellenic leaders from across the U.S. and around the world, lobbied these key policy-makers at ... more
Hellenes Abroad / Greece WASHINGTON , 20.06.2005
At a time when Cyprus is experiencing great difficulties with the U.S. and the international community, the heads of the top Hellenic organizations in the U.S., and around the world, came to Washington, D.C. for an important strategy session. The 16th Annual Cyprus Conference June 15-17, hosted by PSEKA, SAE, UHAC and CEH, brought the following... more
Organized by UHAC, SAE in Chicago-Successful Symposium Attracts Top Hellene Scientists in U.S.
Hellenes Abroad / Greece CHICAGO , 14.06.2005
More than 130 leading Hellene scientists from U.S. universities and research institutions participated in the Symposium “Nostos, Scientists, Technology – Vehicle for Economic Development in Hellas” sponsored on June 11 by the United Hellenic-American Congress (UHAC) and the World Council of Hellenes (SAE) at the Drake Hotel in Chicago. The sc... more
Scientists Symposium Also Attracts Hi-Tech Businessmen, Investors
Hellenes Abroad / Greece CHICAGO , 08.06.2005
The Symposium “Nostos, Scientists, Technology – A Vehicle for Economic Development in Hellas” is drawing intense interest from Hellene Scientists, but it also promises to be very informative for entrepreneurs and businessmen, announced Andrew A. Athens, head of the two organizations sponsoring the Symposium. “We have several speakers who wil... more
SAE PRESIDENT RECEIVES THE OLYMPIA FORUM AWARD Andrew A. Athens, President of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE), was the recipient of the OLYMPIA FORUM award in honor of his efforts for Hellenism and friendship among people, during a special ceremony last night at the Zappeion Megaron. The awarding took place during the Symposium organized by the OLYMPIA FORUM under the auspices of ... more
Over 40 key U.S. Policy-Makers to Meet with Hellenic Leaders To Push for Fair Cyprus Settlement
Hellenes Abroad / Greece WASHINGTON D.C. , 30.05.2005
Over 100 Greek-American and Cypriot-American leaders from across the country and Hellenes from around the world will be participating in the 16th Annual Cyprus Conference in Washington, D.C., June 15-17, 2005. This conference is hosted by PSEKA, SAE, UHAC and CEH. Conference participants will again be meeting with the highest-level administr... more
Press Release The OLYMPIA FORUM is organizing on June 6, 2005 at 17:00 at the Zappeion Megaron an event with the title The Cultural Role of Hellenism after the Olympic Games. Hellenes Abroad as the cultural leaders of Hellenism. During the event that is organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the OLYMPIA... more