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An ancient palace ruined in Istanbul An ancient palace ruined in Istanbul
Hellenes Abroad / Greece Istanbul , 07.02.2012
The walls of an ancient palace in the protected area of Sultanahmet have been damaged and demolished to build a hotel. The first degree protected area in Sultanahmet contains many archaeological and ancient sites. The Byzantium Palace is one of those, but it has been demolished so a new hotel could be built in its place. The protection law co... more
ANZAC «trail» tourism in Greece proposed ANZAC «trail» tourism in Greece proposed
Hellenes Abroad / Greece Melbourne , 07.02.2012
In a landmark event, the Australian Embassy in Athens hosted a presentation by the Australian Hellenic Council (NSW) Director of Media and Policy Research, Dr Panayiotis Diamadis, titled 'Promoting ANZAC Heritage in Hellas'. The subject of the presentation was the necessity of the development of 'ANZAC Trails' throughout Hellas. The event was... more
Volunteers prepare for an extravagant Greek Glendi
Hellenes Abroad / Greece East Manatee , 07.02.2012
It was midday Monday and trucks were moving through the St. Barbara Greek Orthodox Church parking lot like ants over a grassy hill. A dozen or so men were piecing together a massive tent, adjacent to an already standing tent, wide enough to host a 100-guest wedding. Inside the church, people were entering and exiting from every angle, boxes... more
MEP Jorgos Chatzimarkakis suggests changing Greece’s name into «Hellas» MEP Jorgos Chatzimarkakis suggests changing Greece’s name into «Hellas»
Hellenes Abroad / Greece Berlin , 06.02.2012
Jorgos Chatzimarkakis, Greek descent MEP, member of the Free Democratic Party of Germany, in an interview for “Bild” newspaper, warns on the risk of a “real poverty war” in Greece. Chatzimarkakis proposes to form a technocrat government, rejects the idea of a “Commissioner”, and suggested changing the name of Greece into “Hellas” so that the cou... more
Cyprus: Famagusta Mayor welcomes EP declaration
Hellenes Abroad / Greece Nicosia , 06.02.2012
The mayor of the Turkish occupied town of Famagusta has welcomed a European Parliament declaration calling on Turkey to return the fenced-off part of the town to its lawful inhabitants. Mayor Alexis Galanos has described the written declaration, signed by 390 Euro MPs, as of historic significance and called on EU institutions to implement it. ... more
«No Return» an exhibition of works by Vangelis Tzermias at HFC Berlin branch
Hellenes Abroad / Greece Berlin , 06.02.2012
Vangelis Tzermias’ seascapes set sail yesterday in Berlin. The Hellenic Foundation for Culture (HFC) and its director Eleftherios Economou, along with several Greek and German visitors welcomed his collection titled “No return”, which will be on display until the 29th of February at the Foundation’s premises. The artist’s works give the trad... more
Hellenic Scholarship Foundation awards eight scholarships to students of Greek descent
Hellenes Abroad / Greece Ottawa , 06.02.2012
Students excelling in the fields of science and arts were honored on Friday evening in a special ceremony held at the foyer of McGill University, by the Hellenic Scholarship Foundation, offering scholarships to eight students of Greek descent. As the president of the Foundation, Dr. Nikos Hadjinikolaou stated, the Foundation awarded “those w... more
Remembering Maynard Wishner Remembering Maynard Wishner
Hellenes Abroad / Greece Chicago , 06.02.2012
By Andrew A. Athens, National Chairman United Hellenic American Congress (UHAC) Maynard Wishner, former President of the American Jewish Committee (AJC), attorney, philanthropist and good friend to many, epitomized the meaning of the word “mensch”, a person of integrity and honor.  He was an advocate of human rights and religious freedom,... more