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Alexandria Governor congratulates Tamvakis for his election to the SAE presidency
SAE Directorate Alexandria , 15.03.2007
Governor of Alexandria Adel Labib in the meeting he had with SAE President Stefanos Tamvakis stressed that he is proud of the fact that a Greek from Alexandria has risen to the presidency of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad. In the warm reception reserved for the SAE president, the Egyptian official praised the local Greek community point... more
SAE president emeritus Athens attends the 6th meeting of Judaism and Orthodoxy
SAE Directorate Jerusalem , 13.03.2007
SAE president emeritus Andrew Athens addressing the 6th Academic Meeting between Judaism and Orthodox Christianity in Jerusalem stressed that religious freedom is necessary for the Ecumenical Patriarchate and all the Orthodox Patriarchates, the Patriarchate of Jerusalem included. The meeting’s theme “Religious Liberty and the Relationship b... more
SAE president on the delay in the issuance of new passports for the Greek expatriates
SAE Directorate Alexandria , 06.03.2007
The problem of the delays in the issuance of new passports for Greek expatriates, who live abroad permanently, was raised by SAE President Stefanos Tamvakis in a letter addressed to the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad. He called for the implementation of the EU directive according to which, passports stop being valid on the day of the... more
SAE expresses satisfaction for improved preconditions in the admission of Greek expatriates to Greek universities
SAE Directorate Alexandria , 04.03.2007
World Council of Hellenes Abroad, SAE, President Stefanos Tamvakis thanked Education Minister Marietta Yannakou for meeting the demand of Greek expatriates, particularly from the SAE Europe Region, to change the preconditions for admission to Greek universities resulting to a notable rise in the number of admissions. The sensitivity displ... more
SAE president holds meeting with mayor of Athens
SAE Directorate Athens , 14.02.2007
Ways to effectively support the creativity of the Greeks abroad, who honor and bring Greece to the spotlight through their notable work, as well as the international promotion of the Greek capital city through events that can be jointly hosted by SAE and the municipality of Athens, were the main issues discussed in the meeting of World Council o... more