SAE Youth


The SAE regions’ Youth Networks will be established in 2008. World Hellenism has a centuries-long history. The objective is to organize a dynamic and creative youth movement that will represent, unite and convey the positions and vision of the younger generation to the Greek State through SAE, the ultimate representative body of the Greeks of the Diaspora.

SAE’s Youth should have a role in education and culture and be active on the internet. It should have a role to be able to actively participate. In the modern world where everything moves fast we will cooperate in a manner appealing to the younger generation allowing the young people, the future of World Hellenism, to be expressed.

The common will is to support the young Greeks living abroad who already have their own distinct identity. This can be feasible by spreading contemporary and traditional cultural trends, using the digital culture and supporting the autonomy of the youth organisation.


07.12.2009: Τhe repatriation of the Marbles of the Parthenon began today
07.12.2009: Conclusion of the 6th Meeting of SAE Board of Directors
05.12.2009: Meeting of the Deputy Minister of FA with the SAE Youth Network
04.12.2009: Opening ceremony of the Coord. Councils and Committees of SAE Youth
04.12.2009: Opening of the 1st meeting of Coord. Councils of SAE Youth Networks
01.12.2009: 1st Meeting of SAE Regional Youth Representatives
29.11.2009: Panhellenic Sports and Cultural Games of Oceania
26.11.2009: The SAE Oceania Youth Network fighting for Melbourne
20.11.2009: «Expatriate education» programme continues unhindered
17.11.2009: Conference on National Topics of SAE Youth USA
28.10.2009: 1st Meeting of SAE Youth Latin and Central America
09.10.2009: Panhellenic Sports Games of Oceania
29.08.2009: Leadership of Overseas Cypriot Youth meets in Lefkosia
21.05.2009: New President for Victoria SAE Youth Network
16.02.2009: The SAE Oceania Youth Network Council meeting in Melbourne
05.12.2008: Programmes for young professionals and diploma holders
03.12.2008: interview of SAE USA Youth Network Coordinator
18.11.2008: SAE Europe Regional Youth Network Convention was completed
07.11.2008: Website for the SAE Europe Youth Network founding convention
18.10.2008: Federation of Greek Communities of Germany Youth Conference
15.10.2008: Marking the Inaugural SAE U.S.A. Region Youth Network Convention
14.10.2008: SAE USA Youth Network founding convention
10.10.2008: SAE former USSR Region Youth Network holds founding convention
08.10.2008: 1st Pan-Laconian World Conference of Young Expatriates
07.10.2008: SAE Oceania Youth Network on the road to success
06.10.2008: SAE Oceania & Far East Youth Network holds founding convention
23.09.2008: SAE Europe Regional Youth Network Convention
26.08.2008: Summer visits for expatriates
17.08.2008: Establishment of SAE Africa-Near/Middle East Youth Network
15.08.2008: Young expatriates from Africa & Middle East discuss their problems
14.08.2008: SAE Africa-Near/Middle East Region Youth Network founding convention
13.08.2008: SAE Australia young expatriates elect youth network boards
05.08.2008: SAE Youth Network Founding Convention in the State of South Australia
29.07.2008: SAE Oceania Youth Network to hold founding convention in October
15.07.2008: Pilot programme for young expatriates
02.07.2008: Youth pre-convention meeting in Chicago
27.06.2008: Canada Youth Network Coordinating Council holds 1st meeting
22.05.2008: SAE Canada Region Youth Network established
15.05.2008: Program of SAE Canada Region Youth Network Conference
13.05.2008: Western Australia SAE Youth Network holds founding conference
17.04.2008: SAE Canada Region Youth Network holds Inaugural Conference
27.03.2008: SAE Canada Region Youth Network holds founding assembly in May
23.03.2008: SAE Latin America – Youth meeting in Cordoba
18.03.2008: Youth Conference by the Federation of Greek Pontian Associations
13.03.2008: International Hospitality programme in Greece for Children
15.01.2008: Visits to the Patriarchate of Alexandria for young expatriates in Africa
09.12.2007: SAE Youth Proposals
06.11.2007: SAE Central and South America Region Youth Network