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SAE Visions & Goals

World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE), a constitutionally established body (article 108 paragraph 2 of the Constitution) with important accomplishments since its founding in 1995, systematically proceeds with the materialization of specific targets following the 6th World Convention in December 2006 and the Greek State’s expressed support (Law No. 3480/2006, defining its self-organization, operation and authority.

Official Government Gazette (PDF / only in greek)


Unite and promote Hellenism making it an influential power worldwide

Support the efforts of the Greeks to meet their needs and improve their economic, social and political status.

Inspire and attract Philhellenes from every part of the world.

Contribute to efforts for improved and stronger ties between Greece and the countries of residence of the Greek expatriates.


SAE’s main role is to reinforce ties among Greek expatriates and create a global networking aimed at drawing up and materializing beneficial to the Greek community programmes to later present them to the Greek State under its authority as a consultative body. Its basic aim is to propose comprehensive, viable solutions that will yield “added value” and “offset benefits” for the Greek State and Hellenism in general.

The Coordinating Councils, being reinforced through the Enabling Law for SAE, become more active in conveying the people’s demands to the board to be processed before being forwarded to the Greek State.

SAE using its acquired experience is called to proceed with the establishment of a specific and viable framework able to represent Greek expatriates that are not members of organized bodies. The need to record all Greek expatriates both those who are members of organizations and those who are not is imperative.

World Hellenism will be better represented if SAE will not overshadow or replace Greek expatriate Federations, Communities, Associations and other organizations but instead present proposals and offer support both to its members and the Foreign Ministry, the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad and other competent Greek State authorities.

The biggest challenge and SAE’s main goal is making World Hellenism even stronger through cooperation, support and unity. The establishment of cooperation can contribute to the promotion of programmes concerning national issues, business networking between Greek companies worldwide, teacher and student exchange, Greek language learning with the use of advanced technology etc.


Την τετραετία 2007-2010, οι στόχοι που θέτονται ως προτεραιότητα είναι οι ακόλουθοι:

The priority goals set for the four-year term 2007-2010 are the following:

1. Complete activation of the organization’s consultative, advisory, supportive and asserting role
2. Substantive representation of World Hellenism within the framework of SAE
3. Immediate activation and participation of the younger generation
4. SAE’s financial independence
5. Adoption of specific cooperation and actions to reinforce SAE’s supportive role in national issues
6. Implementation of actions focusing on education, youth, entrepreneurship and culture

To meet these goals the SAE board, taking under consideration the real needs and demands expressed by the Greek communities, undertakes to systematically record problems, suggestions and proposals made by SAE members and the Greek expatriates in SAE Regions through the Regional Coordinators and the Coordinating Councils.