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SAE Directorate

SAE Directorate

The composition of the 11 member presiding board elected during the 6th World Convention of SAE held in Thessaloniki in December 2006 is the following:

President: Stefanos Tamvakis (CV)
Secretary: Olga Sarantopoulou (CV)
Treasurer: Konstantinos Dimitriou (CV)

Regional Coordinators:

Coordinator for US Region:
Theodore Spyropoulos (CV)

Coordinator for Canada Region:
Konstantinos Menegakis (CV)

Coordinator for Central & South America Region:
Nikiforos Nikolaidis (CV)

Coordinator for European Region:
George Amarantidis (CV)

Coordinator for Africa and Near/Middle East Region:
Charis Gouvellis (CV)

Coordinator for Oceania & Far East Region:
George Aggelopoulos (CV)

Coordinator for former Soviet Union countries Region:
Ivan Savvides (CV)

Representative of PSEKA/POMAK:
Phillip Christopher (CV)